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Uncollected Child Policy & Procedure

The setting provides care for children during the stipulated opening times only. Where children are not collected by the time the setting closes, necessary arrangements are made to secure children’s welfare.


  • If a child is not collected by closing time staff implements the procedure.
  • Two staff remain with the child on the premises – one of whom is the Manager or Deputy.
  • Every effort is made to contact the parent/s to find out what has happened.
  • Emergency contacts are called to see if another known carer can collect the child.
  • If no contact is made with the parent or a known carer, an ONE HOUR after nursery closing time, the local Social Care Out-of-Hours Duty Officer is called.
  • The child’s details are given to the social worker and an explanation of what has happened.
  • Social Care workers will attempt to find parents and will take the child into their care if the parent cannot be found.
  • Staff ensure the child is not anxious and do not discuss their concerns in front of him/her.
  • The staff and child should remain in their indoor clothes; the child should be made to feel comfortable, with something to eat or drink given and quiet activities.
  • Staff do not go off premises to look for the parent
  • Staff do not go off premises to take the child home or to a carer.
  • Staff do not offer to take the child home with them to care for them in their own home until contact with the parent is made.
  • Staff make a record in the child’s file that the lateness has occurred, what they did about it, when the parent arrived, or whether Social Care were called.

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