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Transitions & Settling-in Policy

Transitions & Settling-in Policy

Change is a big step.

Starting nursery, moving from one room to another, changing settings or starting school is an exciting time for children, but can also be a challenging and anxious time for both children and their parent/carers. We are committed to putting the needs of the child first whilst working with each other, parents/carers and other professionals to make transitions as smooth as possible for all concerned.

Settling in process

Each child is different so we work with parents/carers to find out the best way to ease their child into nursery life.

Settling in visits are arranged, these are short visits to the nursery and a time for children and parents/carers to meet staff members and the key person. This allows the child to familiarise themselves with the environment. The number of settling in visits and length of time is flexible depending on the individual needs of that child.

We ensure that parents/carers are given plenty of information about all aspects of the nursery before their child starts.

Parents/carers have opportunities when dropping off and collecting their child to talk with their key person about their day, activities their child has taken part in, what they’ve eaten and if they’ve slept etc.

It is clear to parents/carers from the start that they are welcome and supported at the nursery for as long as it takes to settle their child, and subsequently during their child’s time at nursery.

The nursery has a daily routine that we feel is very important to the children as it allows them to know what is happening next, when they will be collected etc.

Parents/carers are welcome to telephone throughout the day to see how their child is.









Transition to another Setting


Sometimes children will move to a new setting.  We will try to help the child understand this by talking, information and some activities. The child’s Learning Journal and record should be fully up to date and ready to pass on to the new setting. If needed, and with the parents/carers permission we are always available to talk with the new setting and share any information that may be useful.


Transition to School

The move from nursery to school is a big step for both children and their parents/carers. We aim to make the transitions smooth as possible by finding out any up-coming events that are taking place at the school your child is going to attend; it maybe plays, assemblies, introduction sessions/visits. This can provide the child with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school environment.

Staff will ensure that children’s Learning Journeys’ and record at the time of transfer are completed and up to date so they can be shared with the necessary people such as parents/carers and reception teachers.


By ensuring that all of things are in fully in place we hope to make all transitions for children and their parents/carers as stress free as possible.

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